History is all about stories and perspectives…….

Think about perspective, culture shift, location, common shared experiences.
Perspective…………….Impact…………..Purpose     -     All affect an event

 When introducing primary sources it creates the opportunity to talk about perspective, bias etc.

     Lesson Plan Template     (Please make a copy to type in)

     ARS Template  (Please make a copy to type in)


Snapshot Autobiography Activity:
     - Fold paper into thirds, like a brochure.
     - First Panel:  Cover of snapshot autobiography - include a title and quick illustration.
     - Last panel:  Brief "About the Author" section.
     - Three panels inside:  Write about important events that have shaped you as a person.  Describe what happened from start to finish so someone else could understand it.  Illustrate with a small picture.
     - Fourth panel:  If you asked someone in your family about one of the events, what might be their perspective?  Would they remember something different?  If so, why?  If not, why?


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