Thursday, March 1, 2018

Challenges - Day 1 #SOL18

I re-read the post on this month’s Slice-of-Life Challenge for the umpteenth time.  I have always enjoyed the writing and commenting.  So why the hesitancy?  I am juggling to many things and from time to time I hear those balls turn into water balloons and go splat as they fall to the ground.

My friends keep telling me I need to say no.  I have been responding I have been saying “no”.

Martha said, “Ruth I want evidence of this.”

You know they don’t believe me when they say things like that.

It has been a busy year.  It has also been filled with many opportunities to learn and grow.  Like all such opportunities it comes with setbacks, struggles, and self doubt.

I am a “History Geek”.  I have been a member of the TPS Teachers Network since 2013.  TPS stands for teaching with primary sources.  The Network is housed and run from Denver and is one of the Library of Congress projects.  Anyone can join you just need to register .   There are a number of groups that you can join, everything from Civil Rights to See, Think, Wonder:  Primary Sources in Early Childhood.  The TPS Teachers Network started in 2012 and has been steadily growing.

People post about primary sources they have found, lessons they are working on, questions they have, things they are looking for.  It is a great place to network and grow as a learner.  
This fall I had the opportunity to go through some training to become one of their newest Mentors.  It was a humbling experience as I quickly learned how much I didn’t know.  

This morning someone linked a source for Elementary Lessons and Primary Sources from Colorado

If you know of other great resources I would love to hear about them.

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