Sunday, March 5, 2017

They Will Know We Persisted and Persevered

History is one of my passions.  I served 24 years in the Montana National Guard. My country and the Constitution are my passions.  I have been a librarian for over two decades.  Teaching is my passion. 

A few years ago I was asked to create a unit on Hazel Hunkins, a suffragist from Billings, Montana. As I researched I learned about the women who were part of the suffrage movement.  I learned about the marches, the pickets, the arrests, the forced feeding.  Never the less they persisted.

Many of us never heard their stories.  We didn't hear the stories of the men who supported them and helped work for the vote.  I think we need to hear their stories of perseverance.

Being part of a democracy gives us many rights.  With these rights comes responsibilities. I believe being an informed constituent is one of those responsibilities.  Most of us have many commitments and little time. I believe being informed is a critical part of democracy.  

I also believe that my elected officials have a responsibility to listen to their constituents.  Sadly in my state of Montana, Senator Daines' phones were not working well in February.  Even some of his offices were locked and constituents could not talk to him face to face.  Its hard to comprehend how this could happen.  And the stories go on and on.

Listed below are 10 current bills.  This link lets you look up bills in the House.  

1.      HR 6489 – Social Security Reform Act – will cut benefits by about a third.
2.     HR 861 – Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency
3.     HR 610 – Vouchers for Public Education
4.     HR 899 – Terminate the Department of Education
5.     HJR 69 – Repeal Rule Protecting Wildlife
6.     HR 370 – Repeal Affordable Care Act
7.     HR 354 – Defund Planned Parenthood
8.     HR 785 - National Right to Work (this one ends unions)
9.     HR 83 – Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Bill
10.  HR 147 – Criminalizing Abortion (“Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act”)

Call your Representative and ask them speak up for your rights, health & safety, and our beautiful country.   Find Your Representative 
And maybe in the future our children's children will read our stories.  They will know we persisted and persevered.  

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