Sunday, January 18, 2015

TPS Teachers Network

TPS Teachers Network is a great platform for connecting with other people interested in using Primary Sources in the classroom.  People share resources, ideas and ask questions. 

What is the TPS Teachers Network?
The TPS Teachers Network is a social media platform that welcomes, connects, and engages teachers in a sustained conversation and ongoing professional learning within a community of peers and Library staff to improve teaching and learning using Library of Congress primary sources.

How do I join the TPS Teachers Network?
Invitation/registration link:

What happens when a new user joins the TPS Teachers Network?
1. The new user clicks on the invitation link. 
2. The new user fills in blanks with his or her name, user name, email address, password, and verify password (repeat of the password). 
3. The user completes his or her profile in the TPS Teachers Network. 
4. Once the user has completed a profile, a verification email is automatically generated and goes to the new user's email inbox. 
5. The new user opens the email from the TPS Teachers Network and either clicks on or copies the verification link into their browser, which will verify the account and allow the user to log in to the Network. 
6.Once verification is complete, the user will be asked to log in with the selected username and password. 
7. Sign-up is complete. 
8. The URL for the TPS Teachers Network from now on will be 
9. All new users who register in the TPS Teachers Network are automatically made members of the TPS Commons. They can also immediately begin joining any and all public groups.

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