Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tour Stop National Archives

Where can you find primary sources?  How do you use them in the classroom?  How can I use them when I don’t have time to research them?

These are questions that most of us have asked on a regular basis.  I hope that we will all share the resources we find with each other.  I think this is one way we can support each other and give our students greater opportunities.

Government agencies are great sources of primary sources.  Many of them are being digitized for public use.  The Docs Teach is our first stop of our tour of the National Archives.

History Can Be Delicious an exhibit at the National Archives .   Is about Uncle Sam and the American Diet.  This activity looks at the American Diet and what food guidelines have changed over time.

In Docs Teach the National Archives have developed templates that teachers can use to develop classroom activities.  This is a great place to explore when you are looking at a specific topic.  Look to see if something has already been created that would meet your needs.  Perhaps looking at what others have created will inspire you to add to the growing collection of activities.   Registration is free.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

State Resources at the Library of Congress

Have you used Pinterest as a source for educational material?  The other day I did a key word search "Teaching with Primary Sources"  I found some interesting things.  One was an interactive map from the Library of Congress for locating Primary Source Sets from individual states.