Thursday, April 17, 2014

What is Crop It?

Crop It - is a 4 step hands on learning routine.  Teachers can ask a question and students use paper cropping tools to explore a visual primary source. Crop Is was developed by Rhonda Bondie.  Teaching featured this lesson.

Step One:  Choose An Image
Ask students to choose an image from the collection that either
  • connects to an experience that you have had
  • relates to something you know a lot about
  • and/or leaves you with questions

Step Two:  Explore the Image
  • Pass out Crop It tools
  • Invite students to explore the image
  • Pose a question and have students Crop to the answer

  1. What first caught your eye?  Think - Why did you notice this part?
  2. Who or what is this image about?  Think - Why is this person or thing important?
  3. Where does this take place? Think - What happened at this place?

Step Three:  Identify the Evidence

Details or evidence that might give us information

Problem or

Step Four:  Close the Lesson
  • Ask students what they learned about the topic.
  • Ask them to reflect on what they learned about looking at the sources.
  • When might someone use this process?

Common Pitfalls
  • Asking too many questions at step two.
  • Allowing students to share to soon.

Library of Congress

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