Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Exploring the MHS Website

The Montana Historical Society is magical to me.  There are so many treasures waiting to be discovered.  I am glad so many have been digitized.  But what does that mean to teachers and students?

The answer I think is dependent on what you are teaching.  When I travel some place new I always take a roadmap with me.  It helps me have a general idea of how to get where I want to go.  

Now when you talk with friends you will learn that I can get lost anywhere even with a map.  Lost is relative.  I usually get where I'm going I just take more detours than the average bear.
What does this have to do with primary sources you ask?  Well I know that unless you investigate the Montana Historical Society website you may not discover all the treasures.

This activity is another variation to the "Jigsaw Strategy."  I have created 24 Task Cards.  I would like everyone to complete two of the following three task cards  #6 - Professional Development (Primary Sources);  #12- Mapping Montana A-Z Lesson Plan; #13 Using Digital Newspapers in the Classroom.  Then choose 2 other cards to explore.

When you are done please return to this post and leave a comment about 2 of the sections you explored.  Please include the card # and write a short reflection about the resource you investigated.  This will allow others to peruse the list later and explore other sections in a more leisurely manner.

I have also put all the task cards on the website http://www.librarydragonink.weebly.com   On the MHS Treasure Hunt page, are buttons that will take you to each Task Card.  All the links are live.

The Montana Historical website is rich in content but it can be a bit cumbersome to navigate. 
This Treasure Hunt is intended to provide opportunities to explore and mine this rich vein of gold.  I believe the MHS is the true Mother Lode.

May your gold pan always have color.


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