Thursday, February 20, 2014

Questions We Still Have:

As we continue to work with the Library of Congress and bringing primary sources into our classrooms, we find that we may occasionally have a question.  I gathered the questions that were posted at our last training and will include all of them here.  If you have an answer please post it in a comment.......hopefully we will be able to help each other as we continue our journey.

1.  Can my essential question change or be modified as the lesson or unit  progresses?
2.  Where can we find files about the Pictograph Caves in Library of Congress?
3.  Still struggling with photo analysis for Kindergarten.  Any helpful hints?
4.  Still want flash capability on an iPad?  (Is there an app out there?)
5.  Trying to find examples of music from Titanic time period (not the movie).
6.  What is a good balance between teachers and librarians for presenting primary source lessons & info?
7.  Can we get an analysis tool in Google drive format?
8.  How do we load images to pan? zoom?
9.  When must we share lessons?

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